One Day Retreat March 25th At The Carillon Hotel

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  SIGN UP Here!!! Are you ready to feel aligned in body, mind and spirit? Did you set goals for 2018 that could use revisiting? Join Leah Kinsella as she brings over 25 years of Meditation and coaching experience to you. Imagine a day filled with movement, meditation, journaling, connection, and pampering. Does this sound good? It’s happening and you are invited to nurture yourself. Following your class, unwind in the Thermal Experience – a nine suite hot and … Read More

You are a spiritual being in a modern age

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  Getting back to basics. Our world is dynamic, and our lives are a mirror of all that we interact with. After attending the Mindfulness festival this weekend in Miami, I was touched by the number of people that are interested in self reflection. I thought, its like we have lost touch with our spirit and we want support in community to find it again. Amazing! However our relationship in community has changed over the years. Due to social media … Read More

Workshop Alert! October 21st

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Align your energy and mind Explore your mental awareness in meditation and learn how to listen to your subtle energy shifts. From there, I will teach you how to focus your attention during meditation for optimal clarity. Included: Meditation basics, how to use our breath, develop awareness, and how to listen to our self to know our triggers to establish greater peace and love in our mind and body. Join me for a workshop that will bring clarity around what … Read More

It takes a Hurricane to move us

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At first the Hurricane was an image on the TV, I barely paid attention to it. Then it became the topic of conversation in my classes, and I could feel the energy of apprehension that was building in the community. For we are connected, we are communicating on multiple levels and the impending storm was having an effect on us all.  I saw the reactions across social media as people were beginning to take action in leaving the city. And … Read More

Are Transitions Messy? Mine is. Let me help

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  Let me confess, I am going through a transition that is messy and vulnerable I have been a teacher for so long that I did not realize how attached to the title and certifications I was. It was not until I decided to transition into Life Coaching that I had contrast. To be honest, I thought adding another certification would be an easy transition. But that is the funny thing about doing something new,  the outcome is unpredictable and … Read More

Stop Gripping and Let Joy in

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Goodness, it is difficult to ‘let go’. I work in the wellness industry and I am surrounded by positive psychology messages. And they all have some sort of message around trust, surrendering and letting go. But in todays goal oriented life, a PLAN is all about holding-on and visualizing every detail and building a mental house around that plan. A plan makes you feel organized and successful. But when the plan start to shift, or not go as we thought. … Read More

Miami Life Center Workshop in September

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Do you ever find yourself questioning your decisions? What if you could use the science of yoga to bridge the gap between your heart and mind for ultimate alignment. Know yourself! Access your intuition through Meditation. 1-Day Workshop with Leah Kinsella Join Leah and delve into the ancient practice of ‘Vichara’. Vichara is the practice self inquiry. Utilize the silence of meditation to find clarity and connect with ‘Dhi’ – knowingness or your gut feeling. Through three  types of meditation practices Leah will guidance you gently … Read More

Why have one teacher?

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Its so tempting these days, to float from studio to studio. Reasons from, scheduling to a fun teacher, to class pass! Compared to a consistent studio and a teacher that follows a lineage.  You may notice some of the more traditional approaches to yoga emit a discipline or a sort of reverence towards the practice. So, which one is better? One that suits you and your schedule or the discipline of a lineage? Honestly, I can’t tell you one is … Read More