Hi, I'm Leah.

I am a life coach and meditation teacher. I help ambitious women reclaim their why.
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Life Coaching


You matter. I help ambitious women who are often putting themselves last, reclaim their why.

Are you solving everyone else's problems but have no time for yourself? Did you used to make time for self care but now its a distant memory!?

Work with me and we will work together closely, starting from your goal and working backwards with meditation and strategy to establish peace in the midst of chaos so that you can be productive without burnout.

We always acknowledge your felt needs along the way.

Immediate benefits include Self love, Stress Management, Improved Sleep, Personal Healing and more.

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We partner together to break cycles that don't serve you through self awareness techniques, meditation and life coaching. I help you to achieve the perspective and clarity you need to fully appreciate yourself. 

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Identify your reason. How can coaching and meditation help you today?
Start there. Invest in yourself. Trust the rest

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  6. Stay focused 
  7. Leave refreshed
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