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Relationship Coaching

love yourself to attract the love you desire

3 months to establishing the most important relationship.

The one with yourself.

Are you tired of doubting yourself and as a result moving from one failed relationship to the next?

Over three months we begin with your vision, We create a plan of action then together we implement the tools and strategies to get there.

We work together closely, starting from your goal and working backwards with meditation and strategy to achieve your desire.

Immediate benefits include Self love, Stress Management, Improved Sleep, Personal Healing and more.

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We partner together to break cycles that don't serve you through self awareness techniques, meditation and life coaching. I help you to achieve the perspective and clarity you need to fully appreciate yourself. 
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Identify the desire 

Identify your reason. How can meditation help you today?
Start there. Invest in yourself. Trust the rest

Lots of Attention

We meet virtually twice a week. Just me and you.

Living Lineage 

Meditation Practices from Himalayan Shri Vidya Lineage as taught to me by my teacher Rod Stryker and the faculty of the Himalayan Institute 

You will accomplish

  1. Meditation techniques 
  2. Develop more awareness 
  3. Be present
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Breathing techniques
  6. Higher mind VS lower mind 
  7. Impact of negative thoughts
  8. Self reflection practice
  9. Gratitude practice
  10. A consistent practice
  11. A healthy habit

To be fully present in our lives, we must begin by caring for ourselves. Start today 

 Dates: Schedule Permitting

Where: Zoom Live

Time: 5 weeks : 2x's a week for 30 minutes

Commit to 10 sessions! Meditation takes time. I want to help you and I am offering a discount. Regularly priced at $750  now $350

Payments accepted: Paypal-Venmo

*Package must be used by 9th week after purchase - 24hr cancellation before each session or session is deducted from package


10 Pack: 30 Minute
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