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I help you live a healthier and happier life. Let's partner together to break cycles that don't serve you through self awareness techniques, meditation and life coaching to achieve the perspective and clarity you want to live your best life.
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Life Coaching Sessions

personalized sessions to fit your schedule

Personalized and tailored to fit your needs. I highly encourage and will teach you how to implement meditation.

Time tested techniques that I have studied, with one-on-one attention for you.

Gain clarity and insight on matters that matter most to you.

Benefits include Stress Management, Improve Sleep, Healing and more

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Transform Negativity

Identify and Reframe 

Identify a negative habit or lesson that you are tired of learning.
Use meditation, self reflection and present moment awareness

Lots of Attention

Expect to discuss and participate.
Intimate setting with lots of attention from me

Living Lineage 

Meditation Practices from Himalayan Shri Vidya Lineage as taught to me by my teacher Rod Stryker

You will accomplish

  1. Lecture and learning 
  2. On Awareness 
  3. The energy body 
  4. Higher mind VS lower mind 
  5. Impact of negative thoughts
  6. Self reflection practice
  7. Gratitude practice
  8. 3 Meditations including
  9. Meditation to transform negativity

In order to heal the community, we must begin with ourselves. Start today 

Option to purchase all of the material in an online course is available

 Dates: To be announced.

Where: Zoom Live

Time: 2.5 hrs 

Acquire lifelong tools. Identify thought patterns. Learn 3 meditations including meditation to transform negativity.  

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A meditation and self inquiry workshop

$197 Transfrom Negativity

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