You are a spiritual being in a modern age

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Getting back to basics.

Our world is dynamic, and our lives are a mirror of all that we interact with. After attending the Mindfulness festival this weekend in Miami, I was touched by the number of people that are interested in self reflection. I thought, its like we have lost touch with our spirit and we want support in community to find it again. Amazing! However our relationship in community has changed over the years. Due to social media we are always monitoring our lives and the lives of others. We are social creatures, yet there is a simultaneous disconnect happening. As much as we crave interaction, we are forgetting the basics. Like eye contact, or a phone call. We are more public than ever, and I believe all of this external stimuli is producing a reaction from people to want spiritual experiences. People want to know themselves again.

Luckily for us, spiritual practices have been around for thousands of years. There is nothing complicated about taking a few deep breaths and feeling your body. Its actually profound in its simplicity. If you want to know yourself from the inside out, spend some time there. There is a constant part of you that is steady, calm, loving and wise. We become agitated and stressed when we are caught up in the whirlwind of external stimulus. What if you could navigate all external demands with ease? The demands of a career, or a family, or your own demands?

Our relationship to technology is still in the works. Its here to stay and the boundaries and balance we place on our devices is both personal and professional. No one will monitor that choice but you. So how can we have a spiritual practice in a digital age?

Lets get back to basics. If you’re looking for a reminder of the wonder of life. Look up! Simply look up, look at the sky or trees. Tune into your senses. Listen and then listen a little further. Feel temperature on your skin. Look someone in the eye when you meet them. Call a friend instead of texting. And breathe, take a deeper breath. By taking a few deep breaths you can listen to yourself and feel.

I can’t speak enough to the power of your breath. Feel it in your body. This is as basic as it gets and our bodies have been breathing since the dawn of humankind. Our breath is as timeless as the stars, our breath is the wind across the ages. Your spirit is your breath. Its beautiful and its in you every day.

Today we don’t have to renounce our lives to turn within. We are connecting every day through technology, so lets balance our journey of being human, by being human. We are contemporary spiritual beings. By trusting in the simplicity of your basic needs in conjunction with modern life, I believe you will find more space to know yourself.

Joining groups and classes is a lovely way to find guidance. As a meditation teacher and coach I offer personalized practices and tools for you.

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