Coaching sessions 

Is this you?

  • Are you ready to take charge of your happiness?
  • Have you tried a meditation app or been told it would help you?
  • Are you open to taking a few minutes a day to change your outlook on life?
  • Stress is not going anywhere. But we can live more in harmony with stress if we learn how to navigate it.
  • I am a certified life coach and meditation teacher who helps her clients live a balanced and productive life

  When we work together I want to help you start a consistent meditation practice so that you have more insight and feel empowered by the choices you make. You take charge of you!


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Current sessions offerings
  • Single Session
  • For you, if you have tried meditation or just getting started and you want real answers to your questions.
  • Session is 45 minutes in length
  • Define why you want to meditate
  • Get honest about how long you can meditate each day
  • Assess your current goal and address the how, when and where you will implement meditation into your life.
  • Prior to the meeting you will receive a questionnaire so that we can use our time wisely.
  • Meditation is taught during session and you keep the audio recording
  • Cost: $150
  • Three Months
  • For you if you want more accountability and support with coaching and meditation. Mostly! you want actionable steps while still maintaining your sanity.
  • Three months of email contact with me and WhatsApp direct messaging
  • Consistent refinement of your meditation practice for your success
  • Six audio meditation recordings sent to you via WhatsApp immediately after our live session.
  • Exercises to foster your self growth as you move through our time together
  • Nine 45 minute coaching calls via zoom. That's three per month
  • Cost: $600 per month

What is meditation coaching?

I believe you have the ability within you to feel your version of peace/joy/stability and I want to coach you so that you can implement these lifelong tools for your growth.

How can I benefit from meditation?

The sky is the limit. Whether your focus is career or personal. Theses days there is science-backed evidence about the benefits. Including stress reduction, more self-love, more patience, and living in the present moment, to name a few.

What coaching is not.

Coaching is not therapy. If you are having obsessive thoughts with deeply rooted trauma or stories. It is best to seek the counsel of a licensed therapist.

"I found this experience to be exhilarating. Participating in a group with a focused goal/manifestation made it easier for me to open myself and trust the space. As we dived into each session, I felt heard, listened to, and inspired. The tasks (for lack of a better word) came to me effortlessly. I still have things to do as I heal and please know you have helped me come a long way after these two weeks. Thank you for your time, honesty, and wisdom."

"Thank you so much for creating this beautiful and deeply nurturing space, Leah. It has been invaluable. The Nidra and my Sankalpa showed me a side of my healing I hadn't acknowledged before. This group and workshop were truly so powerful and meaningful."

"I had hit a wall in my life, didn't know how to start healing. You have given me tools to cope and look at my emotions and put them in the correct place. This is definitely something I want to keep in my life." HAZEL
"Today has been A.DAY. And between shuffling kids, waiting to get cancellation funds from American Airlines and praying for those my heart aches for, I had 10 glorious minutes. They were grounding, relaxing and centering. Thank you Leah"
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*Package must be used within allotted timeframe after purchase - 24hr cancellation before each session or session is deducted from package - Three permissible reschedules within timeframe after purchase
Listen to my audio meditations
Place your hand on your belly and breathe in and out evenly to the count of four. This eventually stabilizes your nervous system to feel grounded and calm.
Start by listening outwardly and slowly bring your attention inward, to the space at your forehead and invite your mind home. Calm your mind and focus your awareness.
Tune into your five senses. Allow yourself to be fully present to sound, sensation, and thought from the seat of your heart. Give yourself permission to be gentle and kind. 

Common questions around meditation

My practice and teachings

The meditation practices I teach are a direct link to the Himalayan Shri Vidya Lineage. The faculty of the Himalayan Institute directs the Vishoka® Meditation certification program by which I am certified. Prior to my certification, for over a decade, I was taught and practiced the lineage with Rod Stryker. I am yoga Nidra certified and have over 500 hrs of Hatha Yoga training. I have also studied meditation with Sally Kempton and Jack Kornfield. During this time, I wrote the curriculum and led a successful meditation training for over six years for people interested in learning how to teach meditation. I always say and believe, that the best teachers are the ones who are actively practicing.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to teach hundreds of people interested in meditation that had never sat with a certified teacher.  I always enjoyed seeing the immediate change when a person opened their eyes, from curious in the beginning to a relaxed state by the end of practice.

Which motivates me today! I really believe that the world would be a better place if we all spent a few moments with ourselves in silence. I also believe that we have the ability to experience our own version of inner peace. My Life's work is to help you feel this, by introducing the right technique for you.

I offer the gift of self-awareness - which leads to your personal knowing of what that inner peace feels like to you - through the practices. Mind you, meditation is not a fix-all. Rather it is an incredible tool to help navigate life. Consider it an investment in yourself.

Whether you are getting started or need a tune-up. I enjoy answering your questions and supporting you. I look forward to meeting you!