Ask Yourself. What do you Want?

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I was listening to my friend Rosie Acosta’s pod-cast yesterday and she asked her guest a question. Something along the lines of… yoga has become so popular today and people are searching for more than just asana. What do you (guest) tell them? I was inspired to answer the question as well! Here’s my take.  If you do find yourself interested in more than the physical practice. The first thing I would suggest is go back to the basic question, of what do you want? What led you to class today or 5 years ago in the first place? What are you interested in? And these questions will bring you to the fundamental awareness of where the root desire came from to try yoga.

Just by asking yourself each day what you want from the practice, keeps you aware of your choice to be there in the first place. And there are no wrong answers. Your answer could range from, stretching to sharing space. Then a deeper answer might pop up like, connect with my heart or tap into collective consciousness or even cleanse my energy to access my higher self! Whatever the answer, its always right. But I do suggest asking. From the practice of noticing and becoming aware of our intentions the yoga will do the rest. And by this I mean, trust the practice. Trust that it has been around for thousands of years and there is a methodology to the progression. Here a teacher that is skilled in guiding you through specific sequences is helpful. But again, whatever your answer is, to what you want from your practice today- Its correct – Because our asana and meditation practice are a mirror of our current lives. And your answer will in fact, guide you to delve deeper into the science of yoga. Just by listening to our basic desire, what do I want? You might be surprised what the answer is…

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