Are Transitions Messy? Mine is. Let me help

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Let me confess, I am going through a transition that is messy and vulnerable

I have been a teacher for so long that I did not realize how attached to the title and certifications I was. It was not until I decided to transition into Life Coaching that I had contrast. To be honest, I thought adding another certification would be an easy transition. But that is the funny thing about doing something new,  the outcome is unpredictable and so are the emotions.

In 2016 I decided to attend University of Miami’s professional coaching program, as it is credentialed with the ICF and prepares the student for a variety of types of coaching. The student can decided to be a life coach, a business coach, an internal coach for a company and so forth. Its a great program and I am proud of myself for following though with the requirements. I also decided to step down from teaching as many hourly classes as I wanted to focus my attention on this new venture.

Now here is where the messy part comes in. I have been teaching for nearly 12 years. I am very comfortable making my income in a certain way. And I WANT to change that. I envision a combination of coaching and teaching as my business model. I choose to evolve my career because I want to. And that is empowering.

However, what I am struggling with is when people ask me…what do you do?…and I stare at them, quietly answering…I’m a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, meditation teacher, gyrokinesis instructor and oh yeah a life coach.

Elevator pitch fail??

I’ve done all this work to study and get certified. Yet I have no idea how to sell myself.

And this feels messy, it feels vulnerable, it feels like I am learning something new about myself every day.

So what do I do during this transition? I give myself permission to be vulnerable, I make a plan of action and I ask for help!

Giving ourselves permission to relax, to cry, to laugh, and to experience ourselves is a simple act of healthy living that we often overlook.

For if we can not be our biggest cheerleader who will be? When we start to support ourselves and invest in ourselves anything is possible. The universe really does conspire to help us when we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable. Its in the moments of discomfort that we can break free of limiting beliefs and patterns. By allowing ourselves to experience the raw emotion we can gain clarity.

If it feels like being messy is a time of doubt in your life. Let me help you.

Give yourself permission to hear yourself through meditation and coaching. Meditation gives us the space to listen and connect with our deepest intention.

Coaching is a fantastic platform to create a plan of action.

I have designed 3 packages and I am happy to share those with you.

Contact me for more information.


With love,



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