Miami Life Center Workshop in September

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Do you ever find yourself questioning your decisions? What if you could use the science of yoga to bridge the gap between your heart and mind for ultimate alignment. Know yourself! Access your intuition through Meditation. 1-Day Workshop with Leah Kinsella Join Leah and delve into the ancient practice of ‘Vichara’. Vichara is the practice self inquiry. Utilize the silence of meditation to find clarity and connect with ‘Dhi’ – knowingness or your gut feeling. Through three  types of meditation practices Leah will guidance you gently … Read More

Why have one teacher?

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Its so tempting these days, to float from studio to studio. Reasons from, scheduling to a fun teacher, to class pass! Compared to a consistent studio and a teacher that follows a lineage.  You may notice some of the more traditional approaches to yoga emit a discipline or a sort of reverence towards the practice. So, which one is better? One that suits you and your schedule or the discipline of a lineage? Honestly, I can’t tell you one is … Read More

To sit or not to sit for Meditation?

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It’s a viable question. These days as meditation is more accessible with meditation apps and classes popping up everywhere, the image of a cross legged mystic may look appealing, but not so relaxing when sitting for long periods. Especially when faced with the reality of tight hips or a leg that falls asleep 10 minutes into a meditation. Sitting cross-legged is not comfortable for everyone, nor is it necessary for meditation. As positions go, I have noticed people choosing to lie … Read More


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Join Me on Friday May 12th 8 pm at The Standard for a practice that will bring you closer to your intuition. Move with delight as I teach ParaYoga. Learn the power you have by focusing on your breath and experience how it will clear your awareness. Meditation and sound bath will complete the practice. And the use of the Spa after is the cherry on top!

Innergy Meditation Schedule

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Sunday Heart30 11am “Love is the answer. No matter the question.” The shortest path to happiness is living from the heart but connecting to it can be hard with all the noise of the mind and outside world. Our heart-centered guided meditations allow you to tap into your true essence, connecting and reminding you who you are, that we are all connected and helping you make choices that align and result in a happier version of yourself. We heart heart … Read More