Stop Gripping and Let Joy in

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Goodness, it is difficult to ‘let go’. I work in the wellness industry and I am surrounded by positive psychology messages. And they all have some sort of message around trust, surrendering and letting go. But in todays goal oriented life, a PLAN is all about holding-on and visualizing every detail and building a mental house around that plan. A plan makes you feel organized and successful. But when the plan start to shift, or not go as we thought. The effects can be intense. Because that visualization, that mental picture turns out not to be under our control. Big or small when the picture perfect plan starts to derail, a defining moment presents itself. What do you do when the ‘plan’ derails?

Well, guess what?  You choose Joy.

To be happy, and I mean really freaking happy every day. There has to be an allowance; a permission to feel joy. I share this from my personal journey with control and the negative effects it has had on me. When we are so hung up on the PLAN, joy becomes a reward that we don’t give ourselves permission to feel because we are always chasing the PLAN. And as Deepak Chopra says, be in our life’s purpose we have to do what brings us joy. Once we feel joy, we can choose actions that ‘feed’ our joy. And by ‘feeding’ it, your joy will grow and expand. Our Joy will shift our vibration to abundance and magnificence. The gripping and holding on to a plan isn’t as important anymore because life is joyful, and therefore all actions, results, encounters, and plans are fun. The definition of a Plan will shift, the container that was holding on to that plan will evaporate and what replaces it, is freedom. Freedom to be happy and realize that everything is energy, love is free. Make plans to pay your bills and live a healthy life, but do it all from a place of joy. From there ‘letting go’ makes so much sense. Trust and surrender, make sense. Today, Give yourself permission to feel joy.

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