Journey with Leah Kinsella

Leah waited to embark on her journey to motherhood after a loss at 39 years old.  It was not a straight road! Nor one without hardship. 
She was pregnant for the first time at 39 years old, but unfortunately suffered a loss and the relationship she was in also ended. As she turned 40 she found herself single and realizing that she wanted to be a mother. However, at her age the doctors were not optimistic of her chances - single and in her 40's. So she visited the prominent fertility doctor in Miami, who took her through thousands of dollars worth of tests, only to decide on her behalf, that he would not freeze her eggs because she was "too old."

This news, compounded with being single and her 41st birthday approaching sent Leah into a downward spiral of depression and self doubt. However, even though she was depressed she was a long time meditator. So, she continued with her practice during the tough time especially on the dark days when meditation felt like it was not "working." After many months she made the decision to visit a different fertility doctor who was straight forward with her. He told her, that yes she was 41 and the numbers are X but the decision to freeze her eggs was hers. 

She decided to go ahead with the process to freeze her eggs, which included injecting herself every night, countless doctors appointments and staying focused. After the process ended Leah actually felt at peace and freezing her eggs was the best she could do as she approached her 42nd birthday.
But as fate would have it a the universe had a surprise for her. Right before her 42nd birthday she reconnected with her old boyfriend. The one from when she was 39 at the beginning of this story! When they reconnected they quickly realized that small talk was of no use. They were on the same page which happily led to their marriage in early 2020. Soon after, as you all know, the global pandemic started and affected all of us. Leah and her now husband were living together, their summer plans were cancelled so they decided to try and have a baby naturally. If it did not work, because Leah was 42, they could try with her previously frozen eggs. 
Yet, by a miracle and definitely a "meant to be" scenario they were able to  conceive naturally. Thus Leah found herself pregnant during the lockdown, meditating a lot and boom! the idea for The Pregnancy Deck was born. Her son soon after and the winding road to motherhood.

A Metamorphosis occurs

Today, I am a mother who wears a few hats! As The Pregnancy Deck was born, so too was my refocus as a life coach. Today I focus on what I know and I want to help you. I specialize in helping women prepare for the biggest change in their life. The journey to motherhood. I work with pregnant women to help them prepare for their new life. I also work with women who want to get pregnant and may face stress during this transition. Being pregnant may feel overwhelming to some, where will my "old' life go? Or, how on earth am I going to take care of myself and a baby?! Its my job to help my clients find spiritual peace as well as practical tools that they can implement both during and after pregnancy.

To be Reborn Anew

Today I am fortunate, my journey has led me to some of the best teachers in this country. Sally Kempton, Rod Stryker, Jack Kornfield and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

My internal compass has guided me to the Vishoka Meditation® Certification. Which is my personal practice and reserved for workshops.

My personal practice is what realigns my mind with spirit every day. When I teach, as I have since 2009, I aspire to be an anchor for you to grow from. I aspire to be a teacher that liberates my students from their own doubt.

Today I meet you and we are friends

  • University of Miami Coaching Program
  • ACC Coach Certified with ICF
  • Google Search Inside Yourself Institute Graduate
  • Vishoka Meditation® Certification With Himalayan Institute

  • 300 Hrs ParaYoga® and Level 1 ParaYoga
  • ParaYoga® Nidra
  • 200 Hr Prana Yoga Miami
  • Yoga Alliance continuing education provider & ERYT 200

  • 500 Hrs Kore Pilates San Diego
  • 500 Hrs Transition Series Polestar Pilates Miami
  • Instructor of GYROKINESIS® (lapsed)
  • 'Open the Gait' graduate with Brent Anderson