I'm Leah
I'm Leah
I am living proof that one size does not fit all. My journey has led me to being your dedicated meditation teacher, entrepreneur, writer and mom who wholeheartedly believes in making your life a little bit easier.

If getting along with just about everyone was a super power. I would excel in that category. As a kid, my parents moved from Ireland to the states and for about five years they moved around the country subsequently enrolling me in three schools in one year. Needless to say, I learned how to blend in. But I also became a keen observer of people.

To this day I have a knack for reading another persons energy and offering them a space to feel comfortable.
Mostly by listening to them! So, naturally when I became a meditation teacher and coach my past clicked in place with my present.

My past was not a straight road into this career. College was challenging for me and when I settled on a business degree with an emphasis in marketing I mostly chose that route because I thought I had to work in corporate America in order to be successful.

And I tried, after college I worked for American Express, Ralph Lauren, I got my real estate license, I worked in telemarketing. My 20’s were a patchwork of dead end jobs because my heart just wasn’t in it.

So, in 2007 I was living in San Diego and I decided to get a pilates certification on the weekends while continuing my office job during the day.

I chose this path because I was basically spending all of my free time at the gym and yoga studio. It's where I was happy and I thought, why not try a career in something I liked!

  • University of Miami Coaching Program
  • ACC Coach Certified with ICF
  • Google Search Inside Yourself Institute Graduate

  • 300 Hrs ParaYoga®
  • ParaYoga® Nidra
  • 200 Hr Prana Yoga Miami
  • Vishoka Meditation® Certification With Himalayan Institute

  • 500 Hrs Kore Pilates San Diego
  • 500 Hrs Transition Series Polestar Pilates Miami Trained
  • Instructor of GYROKINESIS® (lapsed)
  • 'Open the Gait' graduate with Brent Anderson

In 2008 I moved to Miami Beach and taught at all of the top level luxury resorts had A-list clients and led festivals in the area.

I added two yoga certifications to my resume. More pilates. Attended the university of Miami coaching program and basically dove into a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Teaching yoga, meditation and pilates was enriching. But as my nature has it, I wanted to go deeper. I started practicing meditation around 2010 and really committed to a daily practice by 2014. I added a coaching training in 2016, transitioning from the body to the mind. Combining my years of meditation with coaching for optimal wellness.

I believe that we are multidimensional beings connected to our psyche via the thoughts we think, experiences we have, exercise we choose, food we eat. We vibrate, react and expand with our environment.

Now, please do not think that I am some sort of guru or that I have not had pitfalls. Nor am I saying that meditation is a fix-all. Quite the opposite. I have battled with depression. I froze my eggs when I was 40 and felt totally alone. I have spent a week at a meditation retreat only to come home to continue my bad habits again and again!

But I never gave up. My inner compass kept asking me to meditate and I did. Today I am happily married to a super duper nice guy, I got pregnant naturally at 44. I created wrote and published an oracle deck, The pregnancy deck. I continue to lead online meditation trainings and sessions. Because I believe that we deserve to be happy and meditation is a powerful tool to help us get there. Want to go deeper? Combine coaching with action steps.

Which leads me to you.

Whether you are a CEO or full time mom. Call it peace, call it happiness, call it stability. Whichever word you choose, I know you have an inner compass that points you in the right direction for you!

My mission is to help you strengthen your relationship with that compass and enliven the best parts of yourself so that you are fully present in your life.

Thank you for reading my story.

I can't wait to hear yours.

With love,