Journey with Leah Kinsella

I have been on a journey of sorts my entire life. Meet me in Ireland as a young girl and I would have led you to a grassy field to pet my horse. Follow me to America and we would travel around the country with my parents, meeting people and making friends. I started at a young age, across sea and land, and the experiences led me to an internal journey that is as infinite as the sea I crossed as a young girl. The contemplative practices of yoga, meditation and coaching have been a natural addition to my curious traveling spirit. And, my spirit needed stability as I continued to grow. Which is part of the attraction that I had when I started doing yoga in my early 20's and took my first teacher training in my early 30's. Yoga and meditation became the thread that supported and continues to support my emotional and mental well being.

Things Fall Apart

However, like most journeys, as much as I may try to plan, surprises happen along the way. From my personal meditation practice, I have done my best to navigate those surprises with ease.

My practice was put to the test when it was abruptly challenged in 2016. I went through a profound loss that shattered the very fabric of my identity. I started questioning my reason for living. My relationships with my parents, friends, work, and boyfriend all suffered. I suffered. As a result, I lost friends, money, the relationship ended with the boyfriend, my health and body were suffering. I had never experienced real stress or understood trauma until then. The irony was that my life 'itinerary' went in a direction that I was not expecting. And instead of going with the flow, fear took its painful grip on my heart.

I believe because of meditation, I did not had a full blown break down. I had the perspective to get help and heal myself. I picked myself back up, day by day, hour by hour. I never stopped practicing even through the tears. Luckily my story has a happy ending, I reunited with the boyfriend and today we are proud parents of a very happy young boy.

A Metamorphosis occurs

Today I have empathy. I want to help you love yourself. I understand how deep our struggle can take us and the kindness it requires to break free.

This type of work will affect you to your core. Because its about you trusting yourself. You will feel more relaxed in yourself. You perspective will shift from what you thought you needed to whats possible. You will fill your 'cup' and see life as half full.

When something is dismantled and then put together again, often the reassembled thing is different.
Well, that is how I feel.
My heart is open.
I hold space with empathy and love. I value myself more.
My life experience is stronger. I have many tools to help you. As I learned myself, the more ways we approach the issue the better. From head on direct questioning, to silence, to yoga, to sound healing, to breathing. The energy will shift. We will do this, and you will see.

To be Reborn Anew

During my journey to motherhood I meditated daily and created The Pregnancy Deck the first oracle deck for pregnancy. One of my favorite things to do is teach meditation to women on their road to delivery. Connect with me @thepregnancydeck or email me

Today I am fortunate, my journey has led me to some of the best teachers in this country. Sally Kempton, Rod Stryker, Jack Kornfield and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

My internal compass has guided me to the Vishoka Meditation® Certification. Which is my personal practice and reserved for workshops.

My personal practice is what realigns my mind with spirit every day. When I teach, as I have since 2009, I aspire to be an anchor for you to grow from. I aspire to be a teacher that liberates my students from their own doubt.

Today I meet you and we are friends

  • University of Miami Coaching Program
  • ACC Coach Certified with ICF
  • Google Search Inside Yourself Institute Graduate
  • Vishoka Meditation® Certification With Himalayan Institute

  • 300 Hrs ParaYoga® and Level 1 ParaYoga
  • ParaYoga® Nidra
  • 200 Hr Prana Yoga Miami
  • Yoga Alliance continuing education provider & ERYT 200

  • 500 Hrs Kore Pilates San Diego
  • 500 Hrs Transition Series Polestar Pilates Miami
  • Instructor of GYROKINESIS® (lapsed)
  • 'Open the Gait' graduate with Brent Anderson