Episode 21 – Practice To Stay The Course – A Conversation With Leah Kinsella

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Leah Carver and Sara Eavenson have created a lovely podcast about Life as a practice and the messiness of it all. I was honored to be interviewed by the sisters last month and share the experience here.

“On today’s episode we’re talking with Leah Kinsella, Meditation Teacher and Coach, about how crucial having a practice can be at a time when your world gets turned upside down.   A long time meditator and yogi, Leah was moving through life with awareness and curiosity, but it wasn’t until she had a gut wrenching personal loss, that she truly understood the power of her practice.”

LISTEN HERE https://www.yourlifepractice.com/episodes/2019/2/18/episode-21-practice-to-stay-the-course-a-conversation-with-leah-kinsella

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