Breathe - a corporate wellness course

Simple and effective breathing practices are the key to managing stress. Integrate strategic breathing for yourself, your clients, and your coworkers in an easy-to-follow format that will stay with you long after the class. Class time ranges from 30 to 45 min in length.

Imagine, you are on a client call and you simultaneously receive urgent news. Do you continue to allow the stress to take control? Or do you trust that your breath can help you stay present?

To develop this trust - you first have to recognize what a calm breath feels like in your body. We often take our breath for granted.

Join me and develop a relationship with your breath. Empower yourself with a lifelong tool.

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Course Syllabus

  • Class One: Intros. Define your why. Learn the anatomy of the breath and its benefits. Practice 1 - 1 breathing for stability in both body and mind. Explore different techniques to facilitate more awareness as you breathe.
  • Class two: Visit any wins, challenges or learning. Revisit 1-1 breathing. Build up to 1-2 breathing which helps relax and calm the nervous system. Finish with sharing and silence to integrate.
  • Class three: Learn about holding your breath to energize you. The concept that breath is also energy. Learn about the breath as Prana or Qi. Deepen your experience of your own breath. Practice 1-1 with holds and introduce box or square breathing with breath holds.
  • Class four: Bring your breath with you wherever you go. Compare full diaphragmatic breathing vs shallow breathing. Five key elements to recognize when you are practicing a breathing exercise. Practice Alternate nostril breathing to balance the right and left sides of the brain.
  • Schedule:

    • Twice a week for two weeks.
    • Zoom or in-person (location dependant)
    • Lecture, practice and real-world application

Who is this for?

  • Corporate teams
  • You want to enliven and stabilize your daily experience
  • You are breathing right now
  • You value your health
  • You are ready to use your breath effectively
  • You want to stay present
  • You like learning in groups
  • You like science and energy stuff
  • You want to learn a new skill
  • You enjoy sharing and connecting with others
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More about your guide Leah

My personal yoga practice and thus my introduction to breath practices or pranayama, started in 2000. But I'd say that it took nearly a decade before I really started to appreciate my breath. Then another decade of integrating techniques.

Today, my personal practice is a breath practice that happens to include movement. It is this practice where I integrate fully. Soul, body, mind are at peace. I feel grounded and clear.

Which is where I draw the lessons, that I will share with you, from. I have studied and practiced and I believe in the subtle but powerful effect our breath has. We will pair back the complexities to reveal simple techniques that will last a lifetime.
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