Breathe - a corporate wellness series

Over three months. Meeting once a week for 30 - 45 minutes.

Imagine, you are on a client call and you simultaneously receive urgent news. Do you panic? Or do you trust that your breath can help you stay present?

To develop this trust - you first have to develop more self-awareness

Allow me to teach your company culture science-backed breath and meditation practices

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Course Syllabus

  • Month One:
    Define meditation - and practice
    Learn the basics - and practice
    Spot the difference between good and bad stress 
    Meditation to calm anxiety

  • Month two
    Breathing exercise to relax - and meditation
    Breathing exercise to energize - and meditation
    Personal mantra - and meditation 
    Breathing exercise to stabilize - and meditation 

  • Month three
    Simple stretches you can do at your desk - breathing and meditation
    Shoulder and wrist stretches - breathing and meditation
    Upper back and rib stretches - breathing and meditation

  • Schedule:
    Each month builds upon the next in a natural progression
    Zoom or in-person (location dependant)
    Lecture, practice, and real-world application
    30 to 45 min


Why meditation?

  • Proven and science-backed benefits
  • Stress management
  • You want to enrich the daily life of your team
  • Option to introduce the techniques at corporate events
  • You value the health of your employees
  • A perk in the corporate culture
  • An opportunity for employees to get to know each other
  • A relaxing space to combat burnout 
  • A skilled facilitator
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More about your guide Leah

In my personal and professional life, I have practiced and taught the techniques that I share with you. By offering this service to your teams you are providing your employees with a life tool that will pay dividends for them for years to come.  Meditation may relax us in the moment. But what we do not see, is the biological benefit that lasts long after the session.

Today I have had the good fortune of leading said practices at five-star resorts, fortune 500 companies, and as a conference presenter.

To learn more about my journey and certifications click the link below.
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