It takes a Hurricane to move us

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At first the Hurricane was an image on the TV, I barely paid attention to it. Then it became the topic of conversation in my classes, and I could feel the energy of apprehension that was building in the community. For we are connected, we are communicating on multiple levels and the impending storm was having an effect on us all.  I saw the reactions across social media as people were beginning to take action in leaving the city. And I thought, wow, this is really happening.

I’ve never been through a hurricane of this magnitude. I was not sure how to react. Yet the energy was palpable, something was coming and we had to prepare.

So, I did. Good friends offered me a safe place to stay. Then when the unpredictable storm decided to head straight for us. I chose to gather up some necessities and run across the state of Florida to where I thought I could avoid the damage.

Well, try controlling a hurricane, because Irma headed straight for our ‘safe house. And in response more emotions bubbled to the surface. But, at this point it was too dangerous to turn around. So with family, and the ever present voice of the news channel we waited.

Waiting for a hurricane, with constant updates from news channels, and terrified messages from family and friends is a demanding lesson in patience, surrender, fear and love. Firstly, patience of the ticking hours. Then to surrender to the weather; surrendering the loss of material items, surrendering control. Mixed with fear of the unknown, fear from the media and loved ones. All connected by Love, love of self, love of the present moment, love for others.

Together these lessons pushed me to see myself without my material comforts, without my ideology of what should or should not be, and that stripping down makes me feel less burdened by fear. For what is fear anyway if it is blinding me from living my life with love, surrender and patience. If I am living in fear and my choices are born of that emotion, everything I come in contact with is affected.

So I reflect. I believe the present moment is priceless, the choices I make in how I choose to spend my time, how I choose to feel and think during moments of crisis are reflections of how I live with or without a hurricane bearing down.

I practiced yoga and meditation during the waiting. This was a tremendous asset. I was not caught up in the mania of it all. But that was me. My meditation was like the eye of the storm. Everything continued to churn around me.

Try this: A simple technique in chaotic moments is to count your breath. Inhale for 4, hold your breath for 4 and exhale for 8

The Hurricane moved all of us physically, it disrupted our normal routine, we lost income, some lost homes, others power for weeks. So what did we gain?

Like any disruption it’s how we return that counts. Is getting back to normal really the same? Can this be a moment to drop the grasp of less soulful pursuits? Or a time to reevaluate balance and priorities in our life?

Coming home I found people were smiling at each other more, there was a sense of ‘wow we survived’ a gratitude for our life and support for those who needed. Businesses were offering services for free, local donation centers and relief funds popped up. Everyone has something to talk about.

The hurricane moved us, we connected through the experience. We pushed each other and ourselves. We can be proud, every decision we made was the right one in the end.

Now imagine taking that fortitude and growth in the direction of your choosing. If you are feeling inspired to make change in your life. Contact me for coaching and meditation.

The present moment is now.

With love,


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