Miami Life Center Workshop in September

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Do you ever find yourself questioning your decisions? What if you could use the science of yoga to bridge the gap between your heart and mind for ultimate alignment.

Know yourself! Access your intuition through Meditation.

1-Day Workshop

with Leah Kinsella

Join Leah and delve into the ancient practice of ‘Vichara’. Vichara is the practice self inquiry. Utilize the silence of meditation to find clarity and connect with ‘Dhi’ – knowingness or your gut feeling. Through three  types of meditation practices Leah will guidance you gently towards tools and practical tips on how to trust yourself.

The class will include some journaling. You will learn 3 meditation practices – Breath, Heart, Dhi. – and vital knowledge of the Four Layers of Mind.

When: Sept. 30

Time: 1-4 p.m.

Where: Miami Life Center

Cost: $50

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