June 2016

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Hello Friends,

As Summer tickles us with her warm breezes and longer evenings we may find ourselves participating in different activities. This may include travel, more family time, a new workout, or more you time. Overall its a slight departure from our winter work schedule to the brighter evenings of this present moment.
Or does it feel like you are still trying to catch up, and never get a moment to yourself? Have you been thinking of a new goal or project that you would like to start but can’t seem to find the space?
If that is the case, then summer or winter will not make a difference. It is you that have to shift like the seasons. It is up to you to shed the layers of winter and open to the adolescence of summer.
And it is up to you to do this with compassion for yourself. For you are kind, loving and brave.
I encourage you to take a mindful moment. Meditation is an incredible tool in our life to answer questions that we might have. You do have the time. You can do it. However, if you feel as though you would like more guidance. Coaching is another tool that can assist you on your path. I am delighted to share with you my current growth. I am enrolled at the University of Miami in their Professional Coaching program and could use some more practice hours coaching. Some of you have already begun this journey with me. If any of you are still interested, reply to this email and we can set up a call!

MindfulMoment: Close your eyes and begin to take slow deep breaths. Take a moment here. As you feel your breath moving in your body imagine that each place the breath is touching is smiling. Imagine your organs, muscles, bones, energy all smiling. Take your time staying in any area that calls to you. Eventually sensing the lightness of this exercise filling your inner and outer space with a smile.

As Always. I send this message with Love!!
New Classes and Events!

Starting Friday June 3rd at the Standard Miami beach 6:15pm I am teaching ParaYoga®

Saturday June 11th Special event. Sound bowl Healing at the Standard. 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  A bit of movement and a whole lot of relaxation. Meditation to finish. Price includes use of spa.
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