Why have one teacher?

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Its so tempting these days, to float from studio to studio. Reasons from, scheduling to a fun teacher, to class pass!

Compared to a consistent studio and a teacher that follows a lineage.  You may notice some of the more traditional approaches to yoga emit a discipline or a sort of reverence towards the practice.

So, which one is better? One that suits you and your schedule or the discipline of a lineage? Honestly, I can’t tell you one is better than the other. But what I can share with you is from my experience. And that ranges from both. I started doing yoga at a local studio in San Diego and I liked the teachers music and her cool vibe. I had no idea about the history of yoga. And the teacher didn’t push it. So, I was happy. Cool music, fun vibe, nice people. Whats not to like. It took a long time for me to be drawn toward a classical approach. At first it was the lectures. I found myself listening to these senior teachers, and the stuff coming out of their mouths was so freaking good. But the practices were a bit boring to me, no cool music and I didn’t even sweat. Yet, somewhere in my soul I knew there was deep wisdom in the first teachers I met from the Himalayan tradition. So, I kept going back. I kept studying. It was like I was on a journey in a foreign country, not sure where I was going next but the scenery was inspiring. And after a few years of trying on the lineage for size, I noticed things about myself. I also started doing the practices on my own time. No cool music, just my mat, my breath and myself. And I realized this tradition, this lineage is alive in me. The ‘journey’ in a foreign country where I was observing suddenly became very real. I was living the practices.

Living the practice of a particular tradition that has been handed down and practiced for generations is much different than simply going to a class for the fun vibe. Both are good. Community is important. Its fun. However, the science of yoga takes consistent practice. It becomes the baseline that is stable as life fluctuates around it. A time tested lineage will sow the seeds of a transformative foundation for you to grow from. And…best thing…you can use it for the rest of your life. Its a valuable tool that will assist you in all that you do.

So, which is better. As you can tell, I have gained a lot from sticking to one teacher and practice. However, it took me years to get there. The journey is part of the fun. Enjoy all that you are doing. Keep exploring and when you do find a teacher that has studied and he/she has integrity and you feel safe in their presence. I encourage sticking around for a while.

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