"Compassionate Connection" 
  Six Week Meditation Series

"Compassionate Connection" 
  Five week Meditation Series

Expand your awareness to understand where your source of inner peace arrises. Experience the compassionate connection between your heart and mind over the course of five weeks.
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What is the Meditation Series?

Over the course of five weeks allow me to guide you using time-tested techniques such as breathing, meditation, journaling, and insightful sharing to awaken the light within your heart.

When:  Mondays: October 2nd 7:30pm - October 30th 
Where: Zoom (link shared upon purchase) Audio recording is shared via WhatsApp. Zoom video is not recorded or shared. 
Time: 45 min at 7:30 pm est
*** Once payment is received. A confirmation email and Zoom info will be emailed to you with the email that you used to purchase via PayPal. Group is limited to 10 people.

Mondays: October 2nd - October 30th 7:30pm eastern

This is for you if you

  • Want to learn the benefits of meditation with guidance
  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed
  • You are tired of feeling scattered
  • You are tired of self criticism
  • You want guidance and accountability
  • You like learning in groups
  • You want to be more present in your life
  • You like learning a new skill
  • You are new to meditation
  • You have meditated before and like guidance


"I found this experience to be exhilarating. Participating in a group with a focused goal/manifestation made it easier for me to open myself and trust the space. As we dived into each session, I felt heard, listened to, and inspired. The tasks (for lack of a better word) came to me effortlessly. I still have things to do as I heal and please know you have helped me come a long way. Thank you for your time, honesty, and wisdom"

"Today has been A.DAY. And between shuffling kids, waiting to get cancellation funds from American Airlines and praying for those my heart aches for, I had 10 glorious minutes. They were grounding, relaxing and centering. Thank you Leah"
July 13th to August 10th 7:30pm Eastern

What is included?


More about your guide Leah

With over a decade of facilitating corporate offices to luxury resorts to beginners students. I am confident in my ability to translate the practices and offer you an opportunity to learn how to integrate them into your life. I practice what I preach and am a Certified Vishoka Meditation teacher. Para Yoga Nidra. and Certified Para Yoga Instructor. Google Search Inside Yourself Institute graduate. ICF ACC level Life coach. Author and creator of The Pregnancy Oracle Deck. And Mom!

Course syllabus

  • Week One: Intros. Find your "why." Discuss benefits. Practice one-to-one breathing and a meditation technique to invite the mind home.
  • Week two: Build upon week one. One-to-one breathing and meditation practice to invite the mind home. Discuss the seat of the meditator as the observer, or Self. Explore times when we recognize our inner guide.
  • Week three: Continue building upon the previous practice with one-to-one breathing and meditation technique to invite the mind home. Revisit your why and discuss any challenges, milestones, observations, change.
  • Week four: Heart meditation. Delve deeper into your relationship with your higher self or the observer. Learn where the perspective and distance from thought, in meditation, originates from in you.
  • Week five: Final Class. Heart meditation continues. From a compassionate perspective recognize your inner critic and offer your newfound awareness both in and out of the practice. Close with learnings and tips to continue meditating.


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Mondays: 7:30 pm, October 2nd to October 30th, 2023