Peaceful Pregnancy

Align with your pregnancy from the inside out. Meditation offers the awareness to connect with your baby, trust yourself and navigate your feelings as you embark on your journey to motherhood.

Classes are held live via Zoom.
Every Thursday at 8am EST for 45min
July 13th - August 10th

Over the course of five weeks let me guide you using time tested techniques such as breathing, meditation, journaling, oracle deck readings and insightful sharing. Calm your nervous system, trust yourself, connect with your baby and love yourself as you embark on your journey to motherhood. 
Meditation is proven to reduce blood pressure, lower anxiety, calm breathing, enhance self love and self awareness.

Enrollment ends June 1st at
6:30am est. Join Today!

Course Syllabus

  • Week One: Intros. Define your why. Connect with your breath and practice a meditation to come into the present moment.
  • Week two: Visit any wins, challenges or learning. Receive guidance. Practice grounding breathing technique and a meditation to calm the nervous system.
  • Week three: Trust yourself as a mother. Revisit where you feel that trust in your body and life. Practice a meditation to reinforce and strengthen your sense of trust. For pregnancy and birth.
  • Week four: Heart to heart: Lean into the energy of your baby. Allow their soul to whisper love to yours. Connect the heart space between you and your baby.
  • Week five: Self love: Ultimately, how we love ourselves will translate through to our baby. Practice a meditation to expand your heart space for self love, so that your cup over flows rejuvenating you as you embark on your journey to motherhood.
  • Continue using the practices no matter what stage of your pregnancy you are in. As you calm your nervous system, trust yourself and your body, connect with your baby and love yourself. You invite a deep wisdom that will support you.


"I highly recommend taking Leah's pregnancy meditation series. Carving out the time each week to have a session with Leah and the other pregnant woman made me feel both grounded and incredibly connected to my baby and the journey we are all on together. The meditation each week was different, and Leah's inviting, warm and compassionate attitude makes these meditations a true gift!" Dani F

Who is this for?

  • Want to learn the benefits of meditation with guidance
  • You are pregnant
  • You are starting/going -through IVF
  • You are nervous
  • You want to stay present
  • You like learning in groups
  • You want to connect with your baby
  • You want 'me' time
  • You enjoy sharing and connecting with others

Course Features


More about your guide Leah

When I was pregnant in 2020, it was the middle of lockdown. I used my time by diving into the Vishoka® meditation certification. Although I had been meditating for nearly a decade there was something magical, almost unexplainable, about meditating while pregnant.

Being my first time, I was nervous and meditation helped steady me, open me to the cosmic energy, trust my baby and trust my body.

Which inspires me to teach you on your pregnancy journey today. I created The Pregnancy Oracle Deck during my pregnancy and use it during the class.
Leah's Bio


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Meditation Series

  • Five week meditation course
  • Audio recordings
  • WhatsApp group
  • Plus all of the items listed above

The Pregnancy Deck and Meditation Series Combo

  • 10% discount on The Pregnancy Oracle Deck
  • Free shipping
  • Plus the meditation series