January 2017

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Hello Friends! Happy New Year.
Thank you for your time. Welcome to my news letter.

Do you look back and consider yourself the same person that were 10 years ago?
Do you imagine that you will be the same in 10 years?
…..Well, lets talk about how you view change?
And lets talk about it in relation to taking action.
Change is a part of life. Seasons, life, growth and loss. Yet why are so many of us stressed about the future. Or resistant to change in another person.
Instead, what about if change is conscious? If its a healthy decision you invite into your life?
What If change means, being your best self and achieving what you want on your terms?

I want to help you.

I’m a Certified Life Coach in training. I have been enrolled at the University of Miami for the past year and I want to offer my training hours to you.
For my requirements I have to take some sort of payment for the time we spend together.
I’m offering $1!! an hour.
We can talk on the phone from the convenience of your home.

We will set goals, and we will find surprising wisdom within yourself. We will partner together to empower you to uncover your greatness. And we will do it mindfully.

Please respond to this email. I look forward to hearing from you.

As Always I send this message with Love!

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