To sit or not to sit for Meditation?

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It’s a viable question. These days as meditation is more accessible with meditation apps and classes popping up everywhere, the image of a cross legged mystic may look appealing, but not so relaxing when sitting for long periods. Especially when faced with the reality of tight hips or a leg that falls asleep 10 minutes into a meditation. Sitting cross-legged is not comfortable for everyone, nor is it necessary for meditation. As positions go, I have noticed people choosing to lie … Read More

Happy Holidays

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Hello Friends! It’s holiday time! Can you feel it? I feel it in my body. It has been responding to my over thinking about everything! by tensing up. Which is reminding me to slow down, don’t sweat the small stuff and self care. At a time of year where in the past, we would strive to create warmth and comfort, today we are often rushing from one commitment to the other. Therefore, the importance of ‘quiet time’ or a practice that allows our body and … Read More


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Happy Leap Year! The official Leap day is February 29th and on that day I will be collaborating with Andrew Clark for a sound bowl healing restorative class.  The sound from the bowls soothes our bodies so that we can explore the subtle aspects of our energy. What are the subtle aspects of our energy you might ask? Honestly, I believe this is subjective. How I  ‘feel’ or sense energy might be very different than you. That is the beauty … Read More