June 2016

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Hello Friends, As Summer tickles us with her warm breezes and longer evenings we may find ourselves participating in different activities. This may include travel, more family time, a new workout, or more you time. Overall its a slight departure from our winter work schedule to the brighter evenings of this present moment. Or does it feel like you are still trying to catch up, and never get a moment to yourself? Have you been thinking of a new goal … Read More

April Meditation Training

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Hello Friends! I had the pleasure of assisting my teacher, Rod Stryker in Colorado last week. He has the ability to hold space for nearly 100 people and it still feels intimate. People are comfortable sharing and I was constantly impressed with the intelligence behind everyones questions. There is a sense of respect that he exudes for the practices combined with a joy of life. As students we cannot help but feel inspired and motivated to grow upon leaving the … Read More


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Hello Friends, I’m off to Colorado to assist my teacher, Rod Stryker in one of the ParaYoga® modules.  I am honored to be in this position as a long time student of his, and I can only imagine what I will learn from this experience. So, I find myself wondering these days… do we always get what we ask for? Is there a divine manifestation that listens and collaborates with our mind and heart to provide for us? If the answer is yes. … Read More